Selling your home can be an emotional experience. It can also be complicated due to all the moving pieces involved. One of the most confusing aspects of selling a home surrounds the home inspection. Many homeowners wonder if they should pay for their own home inspection. It is a wise decision to contract a reliable home inspector in Tampa to perform a professional inspection prior to marketing your home. 

Knowing the true condition of your home allows you to make important decisions before dealing with a buyer or realtor. You can discover issues needing repair and make those changes early. This prevents any unpleasant surprises from a home inspection later during the initial selling process. Repair receipts from your recent work are also valuable information to support your initial asking price. 

Don’t be nervous about the pending visit from a home inspector in Tampa. Prepare for his or her inspection with these six important tips. 

Keep Pets Out of the Way 

Even a home inspector in Tampa who loves animals needs to not worry about tripping over your pet while performing the inspection. Most inspections require about three or four hours and many trips in and out. This provides loose pets many opportunities to make a dash outside for freedom. Pen up or remove pets from the property during your home inspection. 

Clean Up

Your home inspector in Tampa doesn’t give a grade on cleanliness. But a clean and uncluttered home is much easier to inspect. Home inspectors are not required to move piles of debris or your belongings in order to inspect areas of the home. You should provide a clean and junk-free area for the inspector to work. 

Provide Access 

Home inspections routinely include basements, attics, crawlspaces, and other areas you may normally keep secured. Be sure to unlock and leave open these or other areas where the inspector may need to visit. Locked spaces will not be inspected and will result in incomplete inspection results. 

Expect Some Issues 

Most homes will have at least some issues that should be addressed before resale. Living in a home results in the usual wear and tear of use. This is completely normal and your home inspector in Tampa sees all kinds of problems on a regular basis. Expect some things to need repair and prepare for this news and to make plans to fix necessary items. 

Ask Questions 

Your Beryl home inspector in Tampa will provide you with an easy-to-understand computerized home inspection report within 36 hours of completing the inspection. It will include any necessary photos or imaging of specified items needing attention. Your Beryl inspector welcomes your questions about his or her findings. Ask questions about anything you do not understand. We are happy to explain any findings or procedures. 

Home Inspectors in Tampa Cannot Read the Future 

Even the most experienced home inspectors cannot predict the future. Your Beryl inspection professional can give a rough estimate on how long an existing roof may last. But all kinds of factors can make that estimate inaccurate. Inspectors also cannot see inside appliances or behind walls to detect potential trouble. 

Certified Master Inspectors from Beryl Project Engineering use the latest technology and procedures that meet or exceed InterNACHI Industry Standards of Practice when performing your home inspection. Our Buy-Back Guarantee from InterNACHI means that you can be confident in our services. Send us a message online or call 813-616-3301 to schedule an appointment for your home inspection.