Hillsborough County Home Inspection | 7 Things to Do Before Selling Your Home 

Selling your home in Hillsborough County, Florida is a big deal. Experts in real estate recommend that you invest some time and resources in certain key areas that will enhance your home’s appeal. Beryl Project Engineering works with homeowners on a daily basis and we see all kinds of homes. Here is our list of seven things you should do before selling your home in Hillsborough County. 

Enhance Curb Appeal 

Your home’s appearance as prospective buyers first arrive is crucial. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Consider painting the front surfaces of your home, pressure washing the front walk and driveway, installing a new front door and/or garage door, and installing some new landscaping. A good first impression sets a positive tone for the rest of the visit. 

Declutter Living Spaces 

A neat and clean appearance reflects a well-cared-for home and will make a solid impression on prospective buyers.  Remove convenient clutter from tables and around chairs. Remove personal items and photographs and replace them with attractive artwork and table settings. This will help potential buyers see the value of the home as their living space. 

Revert to Neutral 

Your personal color scheme with bold hues may be a bit shocking to prospective Hillsborough County homeowners. Repaint any rooms or spaces that feature bold or unusual colors with a neutral color palate. Neutral colors on the soft side are much easier for new homeowners to accept when envisioning their own belongings in the home. 

Make Small Repairs 

Small things matter when new people are walking through your Hillsborough County home. Loose doorknobs, squeaky cabinets, loose handles, blown lightbulbs, and scuffed paint should all be repaired before opening your home for showings. Leaving these items broken causes visitors to wonder what else is broken with the home. They will begin looking for other problems. 

Clean Thoroughly 

Nothing says “stay away from this home” than a dirty appearance or noticeable odors. Give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, including baseboards, door edges, corners, the insides of appliances, all fixtures, and even walls. Ensure the home looks and smells clean and fresh when guests enter and move throughout the home. 

Consider Professional Staging 

Professional stagers know the Hillsborough County home market and what sells homes, so their recommendations may likely prove valuable. Certain staged elements raise the level of attractiveness for your home. Be prepared to reposition or even rent some items to create the desired look. 

Have a Hillsborough County Home Inspection 

Beryl Project Management can conduct a professional home inspection of your Hillsborough County, Florida home to determine if any serious issues need attention. Serious buyers will have their own inspections to determine the condition of a home. Having your own inspection allows you to discover and repair any areas of need beforehand. This enhances your homes value and appeal. 

Call Beryl Project Engineering at 813-616-3301 or message us online to arrange for a home inspection before selling your Hillsborough County, Florida home.