9 Top Tips for Selling your House

Selling your house is indeed the most difficult decision you would be taking. This applies to sell your house for reasons such as tiding over a financial condition or because you are relocating. However, buying and selling homes could also be a business you are engaged in. One thing in common though is that you would want to get the best price possible for the property. But, selling isn’t that easy. once you make a decision to sell the property, you have got to look at your home from the point of view of the potential buyers. You might be aware that greater the number of people who see your property as desirable, higher would be the price you get.

Tips for selling your house

The tips for selling your house quickly and get the prospective buyer to sign the purchase agreement at the earliest includes

  1. Understanding the buyers– It is important to understand that different types of properties would be suitable for different kinds of buyers. For example, the property that is suitable for empty nesters is not going to be suitable for a growing family. The challenge lies in matching the property and requirements. If you are good at guessing the kind of people who are likely to get attracted to the property, you would be able to design your marketing accordingly, you would have a better understanding of how you should get your home ready for sale and even decide on the type of real estate agent who would be able to ensure that the sale or purchase agreement is signed at the earliest.
  2. Decluttering– The first step you would have to take in staging the house for sale is to remove the clutter. Clutter here refers to removing ornamentations you have done to the walls, fridge, etc. by way of paintings of children, fridge magnets, removing the family photos, etc. The process of decluttering is meant to serve two purposes. One the prospective buyer who comes to look at the house would be able to imagine how the things they have would fit into the house. The second advantage is that it would help you get rid of the wastes as well as make the process of shifting easier.
  3. Pricing– When you are dependent purely on the real estate agent to give you a realistic price for the property, you would be invariably delaying the buy or sale process. this is because they are likely to quote a very high price in order to get your property on their listing books and would invariably blame the market for not being able to close the sale at a high price. The best way to set an ideal price and speed up the sale or purchase agreement process is to hire the services of an independent property valuer to value the property and give you a realistic value based on their assessment as well as the local property market. Sometimes a value between the valuer’s price as well as the agent’s price would actually be the realistic price.
  4. Being prepared for negotiation– Holding on to a price though it is a realistic one actually does not help in closing the sale. you must be ready to negotiate. You can try and exp; lie that you have done your homework and the price that you are expecting has to be at least close to the listed price. Alternatively, you may suggest things like a longer settlement period as a negotiation point.
  5. Impressive staging– Staging refers to the process of having a prospective buyer to look at the house. It is important to make this first impression the best impression. The things you would have to do in this regard is to keep the pets and children out of sight. It also includes getting rid of all things associated with them such as toys, animal feeding plates, etc. and ensuring that the house is filled with a pleasant fragrance that is pleasing to the senses. Soft tasteful music could be a welcome addition. You can then consider the purchase agreement signed.
  6. Targeting the right market-Advertisements are an important tool for selling a product. But this is not entirely true as far as the real estate market is concerned. Listing your property with an agent who would be approached by the prospective buyers of your property, well-designed and well- worded signboards outside the property could be effective enough to bring in buyers.
  7. Choosing the right real estate agent-Choosing the right real estate agent here refers to the ability of the agent to bring in the right buyers, an agent who is committed to his work and does all he can to close the sale by mentioning the good points of the property, an agent who is able to talk authoritatively without being intimidating, an agent who is able to win your trust as well as that of the other party owing to his manners, smart dressing and communication. These factors would speed up the sale or purchase agreement
  8. Repairs-By ensuring that the house is free of repairs like leaking taps, a door that squeaks, leaking ceiling, etc. would go a long way in ensuring that the sale is completed at the earliest at a price you expect.
  9. Painting– Painting your house before you go in for staging would also go a long way in impressing the prospective buyer and closing the sale. The color of the paint has to be chosen carefully though.

3 mistakes you should avoid

 Photography. – Do not post a photo that is not taken properly. It would prevent prospective buyers from even considering the property’

Do not neglect necessary repairs– It is common for a person to ignore even certain necessary repairs since the house is about to be sold. You must understand that this could be the cause of a delay in signing up the agreement of sale.

Listing at the wrong time– Listing at the wrong time of the year especially in winter and fall when the demand for the houses is low and having the house listed for a long time can be factors that would deter prospective buyers and also give the feeling that the house listed is an old one.

Follow the tips to get assured results.

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