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Home Inspections | 5 Most Common Problems Revealed in Florida Home Inspections 

Buying a home is a serious investment that you shouldn’t take lightly. That’s why home inspections are an important part of any home-buying process. Even fixer-uppers that you know require work still need a home inspection to determine the home’s overall condition. Trained, licensed, and experienced home inspectors look at a home through professional eyes, seeing many things an unschooled consumer may not see. 

One of the questions we are asked at Beryl Project Engineering is, “What kind of problems are typically revealed in Florida home inspections?” Here’s our list of the five most common. 

Water Damage 

Water damage is a frequent and costly problem even in newer homes. Small leaks can go undetected and cause extensive damage before any signs are evident. A professional home inspections provider like Beryl knows where to look for telltale signs of hidden water damage. 

Faulty or Outdated Wiring 

Many DIY homeowners tackle small wiring jobs in their own homes, and too many of them do it wrong. Many older homes also are far outdated and not up to modern energy and safety standards. This is dangerous due to the risk of electrical shock and fire. 

Insufficient Grade Sloping & Drainage 

This problem is found more often than you may imagine. Rushing to get many homes laid out usually results in poor grading before the home is built. Water draining toward or underneath the home instead of away from it will cause serious erosion and other costly problems. 

Foundation Flaws 

Doors that won’t close, cabinets that jam and sloping floors are all signs of foundation issues. These problems are costly to correct because the homeowner must first deal with the underlying issues before foundation problems can be corrected. 

Roof Problems 

Not many prospective homeowners tour the roof when reviewing a potential home. Too many roofing issues are not visible from the ground and can go unnoticed until major repairs or a complete replacement is needed. 

Don’t let hidden or inauspicious problems catch you off-guard when purchasing a new home. Contact us at Beryl Project Engineering for quality Florida home inspections.