Home Inspector Tampa | How to Find a Reputable Home Inspector


Home Inspector Tampa | Before buying your home it’s always important to have a professional home inspection. In most cases you will have the ability to incorporate a contingency in your contract that includes a satisfactory home inspection. In the event that you have concerns about the results of your inspection, you’ll maintain the ability to either cancel the contract or negotiate with the seller to repair the issues.


You may feel comfortable accepting the house as-is. In this case, having an inspection will shed light on any future maintenance or repairs. The inspection will leave you better prepared for home ownership. Choosing the right inspector will give you the confidence you need to make one of the largest purchases in your lifetime. We’re going to talk about the key features to look for when searching for the right home inspector for you.


Choose an inspector who includes you in the process


Home buyers gain valuable insights from inspections. Walking through the house with the inspector can be especially informative for home buyers. Ask your inspector if they prefer you to come along to learn what they are checking for and why.


Ask the inspector if he or she is a member of any professional groups


Because home inspectors aren’t always required to be licensed, it’s good to find one that belongs to a professional organization like ASHI, NAHI, or InterNACHI. It often indicates they will uphold higher standards of professionalism. This typically means they are regularly expanding upon their continuing education.


Ask for the timelines of the reports, with examples


When buying your home, you may be required to have your home inspection completed within a certain time frame in order to make any requests to the seller. Home inspectors will often have reports that are generated within a couple of days. It is important to identify their timelines. This will give you a clear understanding of when to review your report and make decisions about your contract. It’s also a great idea to take a look at other sample reports. Take note of how they are formatted. Make sure yours thoroughly identifies issues, explains their significance, and suggests how to fix them.


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