Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Don’t Wait, Check For Expired Permits Today


Expired Permits Hillsborough County | Permits are necessary when you are trying to improve your home and property. Permits are filed with the local government to guarantee that all your renovations or remodel follow the proper building codes. They protect you as a homeowner from a contractor doing shoddy work. They also protect potential buyers from purchasing a poorly renovated home.


Permits only last for a certain time period before they either need to be renewed or closed out. If permits are not properly taken care of, they can be left to expire. Expired permits for your home can be a real headache, this is especially true when you come across them unexpectedly. It is best to find out if your home has expired permits as soon as possible if you wait it may cause you delays in your plans.


Expired permits stop you from applying for another construction permit. This happens even if you were not the one to initiate the expired permit. For example, the previous owner installed a swimming pool in the backyard, but the permit was never properly closed. Now you want to remodel the basement but cannot pull the proper permits until the swimming pool situation is handled.


You will also have trouble selling your home with an expired permit. It is possible that it can slip through the cracks but usually it will be found. This could cause you to lose the sale of your home or at the very least, delay things by several months.


If you live in the Tampa area, the best thing you can do is to contact Beryl Engineering & Inspection. Their team of professionals will help you find out if you have an expired permit and then walk you through the process to get it closed out.