Common Bathroom Issues Found In A Home Inspection

Home Inspection | Bathrooms are a huge selling point when it comes to home buying. People want multiple bathrooms and bathrooms that have been renovated to look and feel a certain way. Bathrooms are also an area of the home that can have a lot of issues because of plumbing and moisture. Without a proper home inspection many of these issues can get overlooked. Here are a few of the common bathroom issues that are found in a home inspection.

Leaking Pipes

One common issue that is often found during a home inspection is leaky pipes in the bathroom. Leaking pipes can cause water damage, high water bills and mold problems if left alone. If the pipes leak and water is allowed to sit on the floor, it can also cause your floor to warp. Often times these pipes may be hidden and it takes a trained eye to locate the problem.

Poor Ventilation

Another common bathroom issue that is found in a home inspection is poor ventilation. Poor ventilation allows moisture to stick to the ceiling and walls. This allow staining to these panels and mold to form. The moisture can also cause an odor to form over time.

Window Leaks

Window leaks in the bathroom is another common issue that is often found by home inspectors. Window leaks allow air to come in and can really be a problem if it is cold outside. Making your furnace work harder while raising the cost of heating your home. Window leaks also allow water to enter when it rains. Allowing mold an opportunity to grow inside your home, and potentially making you and your family sick.

Home inspections are a great way to learn more about a homes overall condition. The bathroom is often a huge selling point of a home, but it can also be a place for common issues that need to be repaired. To learn more about your home or a home you are looking to buy you should call the professionals at Beryl Engineering & Inspection. They can help you find any issues and help you understand what you need to do to fix them.