What To Expect From A Home Inspector

When searching for a home inspector you may find that there is a long list that service your area. There are certain characteristics that you should require that can help you narrow down your list. Some of these characteristics may seem like a given but with a little research you would be surprised how many home inspection companies do not cut the mustard. Here are a few things you should expect from your home inspector.

Flexible Scheduling

We all lead busy lives between work, family and personal commitments. A home inspection company should be able to work around your schedule. Home inspection companies should be willing to meet you in the evenings or on the weekends. Their ability to adapt to your schedule should be a necessity.

Quick Turnaround

After the walk through of the home, a quality home inspection company should offer a quick turnaround for photos and home reports. Ideally this turnaround time should be no more than 36 hours. In this amount of time the home inspection company should be able to send you a file with quality images and reports indicating every aspect of the homes condition.

Extensive Experience in the Construction Industry

Another characteristic that all quality home inspection companies should have is extensive experience in the construction industry. Construction experience equates to knowledgeable home inspectors that can show you the potential pitfalls of any home. Your home inspector is the expert and should have the previous hands on experience to properly assess any home situation.

Certain expectations should be required of any quality home inspector. Home inspectors are working for you and should understand that they need to provide a service that is worth the fees that are charged. If you are looking for a quality home inspector to better understand your home you should call Beryl Engineering & Inspection. The experts at Beryl will give you accurate information that you can use to make the best decision possible.