How You Can Have Expired Permits Without Knowing

Expired permits from previous home repairs or renovations can be a real pain, especially when you didn’t even know they existed. Unfortunately, this happens much more than most people would think. An expired permit can delay the sale of your home and keep you from starting a new remodeling project. You may ask how you would have an expired permit without even knowing about it? Here are a few ways that this can happen.

Contractor Didn’t Follow Through

One way that you could have an expired permit without knowing it is a lack of follow through from your general contractor. You may have had a bathroom remodel, or a new deck installed on the back of your house. A contractor would have obtained a permit for the work to be done to ensure compliance with local standards and building codes. Unfortunately, not all contractors follow through with the entire process. They may have finished the work, but never finalized the paperwork with an inspection.

Inherit A Relative’s Home

Another way that you might end up with an expired permit is by inheriting a relative’s home after they have passed away. If the home had expired permits you also inherit those along with the home. This can be especially troublesome if you are just trying to sell the home immediately after obtaining it. You will first need to deal with the expired permit.

Purchase A Home As-Is

Purchasing a home as-is is another way you can unexpectedly acquire a home with expired permits. Homes that are purchased as-is are often foreclosures or short sale type homes that come with all sorts of hidden issues. Expired permits can be one of the issues that you need to contend with before trying to remodel.

Expired permits are no fun, especially when you had no idea you had them. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to deal with expired permits you should contact the professionals at Beryl Engineering & Inspection. They can guide you towards eliminating any expired permits that you may have.