203k Inspection Hillsborough | What a 203k Inspection Does for You

203k Inspection Hillsborough | 203k inspections are a very valuable resource when you are purchasing a HUD home that needs some rehabbing. The 203K inspection accompanies the Limited 203k loan. The Limited 203k loan provides funds for homes that require some simple repairs. These repairs need to be easily estimated and are typically considered light cosmetic repairs but will still require a licensed contractor.


What Items Does a 203k Inspection Cover?

A Limited 203k Inspection should cover any areas that qualify as approved improvements under the HUD guidelines for a Limited 203k loan. If you choose a Limited 203k Inspector from Beryl Project Engineering you can expect a report consisting of the condition of roofs, gutters, downspouts, HVAC systems, interior/exterior painting, flooring, decks/patios/porches, energy efficient improvements, windows/doors, plumbing, basement completion and more. For the full list of items that HUD approves for minor repairs visit Beryl’s website.


A 203k Inspection Provides Information Needed for a 203k Loan

The Limited 203k Loan will provide you with the money you need to make home repairs. This means that a “fixer upper” is no longer out of the question, just because you do not have all the cash in your bank account to pay for the repairs. The 203k home inspection gives you and the loan provider the information needed regarding the cost of repairs. The inspection also helps you choose the proper certified contractor for each area of repair. Think of the 203k inspection as the blueprint that needs to be followed to get your home repaired properly and professionally.


Let Beryl’s Certified 203k Inspectors take care of your 203k home inspection needs. Beryl will provide you with quality information and will help you every step of the way to make sure your repairs turn out just as you planned. Give Beryl a call today – 813-414-5938 or visit the website today!