Home Inspection | A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Home Inspection | One of the many benefits of hiring a home inspector as part of the home buying process is to have access to the experience and expertise of a professional. An experienced inspector can tell you about any problems that he or she sees with the home, and you can then decide how to move forward.

Visualize the Problem

But what if you don’t understand what you are being told? Pictures are a great way to make sense of what the home inspector is telling you about the home. A good inspector will be happy to provide pictures that can do a good job of telling the full story. Most home buyers don’t have much in the way of construction knowledge, which is why pictures are such a great way to bridge the knowledge gap. When shown images that illustrate any problems that may be present, it’s far more likely you’ll be able to grasp the situation.

Total Access

Specifically, you will be interested in the pictures that come from places of the home you have not previously seen. You can see the walls of the home for yourself, for instance, but you probably haven’t climbed up into the attic. Having photographic evidence of what is going on will be a great help as you think about how to move forward. If you are going to alter your bid on the home based on the inspection, having as much documentation as possible is always a good thing.

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