FHA Certified Home Inspectors | Bathrooms are an important part of every home inspection for one simple reason – water. Between the sink, toilet, and shower, there is a lot of water flowing in the average bathroom. And where there is water inside a home, there is the potential for trouble. A quality home inspector will know how to spot signs of water damage in a bathroom, a key discovery that could save the homebuyer thousands of dollars in the end.

An Active Test
A proper home inspection involves more than just looking around a home in an attempt to spot problems. The home will need to be actively tested, and that certainly applies in the bathrooms. Some of the important tests include the following –

• Flushing the toilets to check for leaks and other issues
• Running each faucet at the same time per bathroom to observe water pressure and/or leaks
• Allowing water to run to test temperature

It is possible for a bathroom to look great to the naked eye, only to later find that problems were lurking just below the surface. Since bathroom repairs can be costly, it is important to have a thorough inspection completed in this part of the home.

A Trusted Team
A home inspection is not a job you can risk turning over to an inexperienced company. You only have one chance to get this right, so opt for a company that has a proved track record of success. Buying a home is a huge financial commitment, and it is wise to do everything you can to bring about a positive outcome.
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