Every home purchase should involve a home inspection. There is simply too much on the line to risk buying a home without having a professional inspection completed. Before you even reach this stage, however, there are warning signs you can watch for when touring a home. Let’s take a look at three points which should sound alarms in your mind.

Loss of Level

This may be the easiest problem to spot, as you should notice it as soon as you walk in the door. In fact, you may notice it from the street as you walk up. When a home is not level, it is possible that serious structural problems are lurking behind the scenes.

Doors and Windows

Another easy way to check for structural problems is to open a few doors and windows. If the doors and windows in a home seem to get stuck as they travel – or they won’t close all the way – something may be wrong.

Looking for Cracks

Finally, you will want to keep your eye out for subtle cracks when touring a home. You may see cracks in the walls or floors while inside the house, or you may see small cracks in the foundation around the exterior. It should be noted that these cracks are not necessarily indicative of a problem, but they are certainly reason to look closer.

When making a purchase as large as buying a home, no stone should go unturned. Right from the start, you can do yourself a favor by watching out for signs of trouble in all of the houses you tour. When the time comes to make an offer and have an inspection completed, share your concerns with the inspector so they can be addressed specifically.

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