Why the FHA Home Inspection is Important

The Federal Housing Authority requires that all FHA home loans be preempted with an FHA Home Inspection. The FHA does not provide this service although they do require it. At the home buyer’s expense, an FHA inspection may be needed before a home can be sold.

An FHA Home Inspection is more in-depth than a regular home inspection. FHA loans are mortgages that are backed by the Housing Authority. The guarantor needs to ensure that the house they are investing in is up to code and valued according to the condition.

An FHA Home Inspector will assess the exterior and interior condition of the home. They will look at the structural elements such as walls, beams, foundation and roof, as well as the HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical systems. Contracts that are negotiated using FHA loans are often contingent upon passing an FHA inspection. If the report comes back with many repairs needing to be made or hazards that are present, the buyer can back out of the home purchase and withdraw their offer.

When you call an engineering company like Beryl Project Engineering for an FHA Home Inspection, you have to remember to indicate that it is an FHA home inspection you need and not a general home inspection. The great benefit of these types of inspections is the amount of detailed information you will uncover about the condition of the home. Many times, an engineer conducting an FHA home inspection may find issues that a general inspection might have missed.

Getting this inspection done before closing is a vital step in your home loan as the FHA will not loan you any money for repairs or damages that are uncovered after the closing, nor will they buy back the house from you. Use a company like Beryl Project Engineer o ensure you get accurate, on time FHA home inspections on the house of your dreams.