An Expired Permit is a Problem for Home Sellers

Expired Permit | Planning on updating your home? Installing a swimming pool? Adding on a garage or deck? There are many home improvement projects that will require you to obtain a permit from your city government. Enforcing permits means that the city can rest assured that your home or property is up to code and an inspection will have to occur to put you on record as following the proper procedures for your project as required by the city. Permits may seem like a bit of a hassle at times, but they are important when it comes to buying and selling the property. Obtaining a permit is generally fairly easy, but an expired permit can cause a lot of headaches to renew or close.

When Do Permits Expire?

Building permits are typically issued for 6 months to a year at a time. The permit will expire at the end of the designated period set by the city and can be closed with a final inspection. Permits that reach the 6-month period and are not closed because final inspections were not complete, are considered “expired permits” and can be a headache to get closed, especially if the work happened months or years ago.

Why Are Expired Permits a Problem?

When a transfer of property happens, such as when you sell a home or business, all open permits on the property must be closed before the transaction can be finalized. When an expired permit has been open for a long time, such as years, or sometimes just months after a project is completed, the final inspection will have to be done before the sale can take place and the permits have to be closed out. Sometimes, homeowners find themselves in a predicament because although the work was good, the work may not be up to current code anymore which means that the permit cannot be closed unless an Engineer prepares an Affidavit to the former Florida Building Code. Closing permits and completing inspections is typically the burden of the seller.

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