home inspection. home inspectionHome Inspection | When you put your home on the market one of the most important pieces of information you will need to provide to potential buyers is the asking price of your home. The next will be a home inspection report. This report shows your potential buyers the quality and integrity of your home which backs the assessed value. Buyers who provide inspection reports are more trusted and can almost always get a better price for their home. To get the best inspection for your money, there are some steps you can take before inspection day.

  1. Clean the Home- If your home looks dirty, the inspector will have a preconceived notion that your home has not been well maintained. Clean homes always make a good impression and can add credibility to your home’s value.
  2. Leave Utilities Connected- Even if you are not living in the home at the moment, the inspector will need to ensure that all the electrical, plumbing, heating, and mechanical features of the home are in proper working order. The inspector will also test the appliances in the home.
  3. Clear out the Utility Closet- The inspector will need access to the heating and cooling systems and water heater. Make things easy for your inspector by clearing away boxes and stuff from around these utilities. Also, make sure all the pilot lights are ignited before the inspector gets there.
  4. Access to Attic, Basement, Garage- The inspector needs to see all the structures on the property, even the areas people won’t be living in such as the garage, basement, or attic. Inspector’s will check for foundation issues, insulation issues, and other structure problems and need easy access to these areas, including crawl spaces.
  5. Provide Documents on Past Repairs- Did you have a new roof put on two years ago? A sump pump installed last month? Any improvements or repairs you have done since owning the home should be presented to the inspector.

Home inspections can be easy, especially if you are prepared ahead of time! Call Beryl Project Engineering to schedule your home inspection in the Tampa Florida region.