Home Inspection | If you need a mortgage to buy a home, your lender will almost certainly require a professional home inspection that will assess the condition of the property and provide information that will be vital for deciding whether the loan will be fully approved. During an inspection, a certified home inspector will conduct a thorough visual examination of the property and report on any issues that need repair. Based on the results of the inspection, potential buyers may be able to pull out of the deal, ask for the seller to address issues uncovered by the inspection, or move forward with the sale as the contract stipulates.

You might think that the structural condition assessments performed by an FHA home inspector takes an excessive amount of time. However, most home inspections can be completed within 3 hours or less. Inspections may take longer if there are multiple HVAC systems to evaluate at the home, if the home is old or has many inaccessible areas, or if other similar complications present themselves. Whatever the age or condition of the home that you are interested in, Beryl Project Engineering can get the inspection done in a reasonable timeframe and will send you a report with photos within 36 hours of the inspection’s completion. The report will include suggestions for further action where appropriate, recommendations for checking into expired permits on existing improvements to the property, and an overall assessment of the property’s condition.

In addition to standard home inspections, Beryl Project Engineering can also serve as a 203K consultant if you are interested in a 203K loan for rehabilitating a home that you are purchasing. We can also perform a tie-down inspection for your mobile or manufactured home. These inspections can be completed within the same basic 2–3-hour time frame, but be advised that more complicated situations may take more time. Contact us today for more information on how we can meet your specific home inspection needs.

At Beryl Project Engineering, we can provide you with our expert home inspectors. Proudly serving the Greater Tampa Bay Area to include Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco Counties, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Plant City, Palm Harbor and Lakeland. Contact us at: 813-358-0445 to book today.