Home Inspections | When buying, selling or renovating a house, performing a home inspection is a must. Here are some of the most common problems uncovered by home inspectors.

Foundation Defects
Any competent inspector will start a structural condition assessment with the foundation. A sinking or cracked foundation is a major red flag.

Sagging Floor Joists
Practically every floor will sink to some degree eventually. The good news is that sagging floor joists can usually be fixed.

Compromised Roofing
Missing roof shingles is a sure-fire sign that a home needs work. Home inspectors will look closely at roofs with obvious damage.

Inadequate Rainwater Drainage
A house with bad drainage is a ticking time bomb. Clogged gutters and lousy ground drainage will be flagged by home inspectors.

Vulnerabilities in the Siding
Gaps around windows and doors are never good. An FHA home inspector or 203k consultant will spot those problems immediately.

Sweating or Leaking Pipes
Pipes that promote high interior humidity levels are always a major issue. Home inspectors zero in on sweaty and leaky pipes immediately.

Faulty or Inadequate Wiring
Bad electrical infrastructure is both inconvenient and dangerous. Light switches that don’t work properly and glitch-prone circuits are bad signs.

Failing HVAC Infrastructure
A bad furnace is one of the biggest problems that home inspectors find. Lousy ducts that need cleaning are a close second.

Major Pest Infestations
Serious termite and rodent issues are a major turn-off for home buyers. Home inspectors take the time to ferret out pest problems.

Serious Mold Growth
Moisture issues always cause mold at the end of the day. Home inspectors that find mold will flag a house right away.

Inspecting a Home the Right Way
Good home inspectors aren’t hard to find. Just verify that your inspector knows about FHA and 203k regulations before you hire them.

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