Home Inspection | Buying a home is an exciting event, and everyone has a unique first-time experience. What you may not know however, is that there are a few common mistakes that can make the process far more difficult than it ought to be. Here are some missteps to avoid if you want to enjoy a bright future in your new place:

Don’t Misjudge Your Purchasing Power
Many consumers confuse their lending eligibility with what they can afford. For instance, although you may be approved for a particular loan, there’s a big difference between being a responsible borrower and barely making ends meet. Understand what your price range is by formulating a budget before you consider individual properties.

Don’t Overvalue Prospective Homes
You shouldn’t purchase a property just because the seller is willing to reduce the price or throw in a few repairs. It’s critical to know which kinds of features are actually going to increase your equity, or the long-term value of your investment. For instance, if your 203k consultant discovers that the property has expired permits or failed past structural condition assessments, then these blemishes could dramatically reduce what you’ll receive for selling the home in the future.

Don’t Forget to Call a Home Inspector
Having a home inspected is one of the most important steps in the process. A property with a great external appearance could hide hundreds of defects that might come back to bite you later.

It’s critical to keep your feelings under control at the early stages. Don’t fall in love with a place until you’ve talked to an FHA home inspector and learned exactly what your would-be new home is hiding.

Working with 203k consultants is by far one of the most critical parts of buying your first home. Whether you need a comprehensive tie-down inspection or just want to verify that specific major appliances and components meet acceptable standards, you can’t neglect pre-purchase assessments.

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