Home Inspection | A home inspection is a crucial process for buyers and sellers. Homes aren’t perfect; not even a newly constructed home hence the need for a home inspector. When buying or selling a house, it’s important for one to look at recommended repairs for inspection issues. One of the home inspectors that can be consulted is the 203k consultants.

203k consultant’s role is important for the success of a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) full 203k loan. The consultant undertakes onsite visit to the property and HUD work writes up. The write up is needed by the borrower, the lender, and the contractor. The consultant is also responsible for staying during the project to verify inspections are done as required. This person may work as a manager during the inspection period. Below are some of the common home inspection issues.

Improper plumbing is a common issue during inspection. The issue may lead to leaks under the sinks, the toilet seats, or bathrooms. While buying a house, one should verify that the home does not have any plumbing issues.

Poor ventilation can be a major issue if air does not flow through the house. Such an issue may cause mold problems that may be a nightmare. Mold grows on basements due lack of airflow. Later the problem can lead to the development of allergies.

Most common causes of fires in homes are caused by poor electric wiring especially in older homes. It is for this reason that an inspector is crucial in checking that the problem is fixed.

Poor drainage system and grade sloping is another common issue when doing a home inspection. Spongy soil leads to leaks in the basement and could be a threat to the foundation of a building. Poor drainage may lead to diseases if not fixed early.

Faulty house gutters lead to wet walls and sometimes lead to the problem of drainage. It is, therefore, important to get an inspector to make sure that all house gutters are fixed especially to places that cannot be detected easily.

Sometimes roofing materials can be a threat to your home. An older house may have old roofing materials that require repair or replacement. If roofing materials are improperly installed, the roof ages faster.

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