Property Inspection | Buying a home is an exciting experience, but it can also create some stress, especially if purchasing an older home. One of the most important aspects of buying an old home is taking the time to hire experts like 203k consultants to do the home inspection. There are a number of things that a home inspector will make sure are in order before anybody can purchase a home. These include the very common issues below:


Asbestos was a very common insulator and many older homes still have it in their walls and attic spaces. A 203k consultant will verify if the home is safe and free from asbestos. Asbestos is harmful and is known to cause cancer if it is in a friable state, so knowing if the house has it is vital.

Electrical Problems

An FHA home inspector will check the electrical setup in the home. Faulty wiring can cause fires and many other issues which is why checking if all of the connections are done correctly can be crucial before purchasing a home. Electrical rewiring can cost a lot of money, so looking out for these problems before making a commitment can help.


Roofing Issues

A roof can last up to twenty years which means that if the home is older than this it has to have been repaired or replaced. If it still retains the original roof, there is a good chance that it will be damaged. An inspector will look through the entire roof to verify that it is in acceptable shape.

These are some of the most important problems than an older home can have. An expert in home inspections can make the process of choosing a property easier and safe and can end up saving lots of time as well as money.

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