Home Inspections | Whether you are selling the home or remodeling it, most homeowners check the conditions of; the walls, floors and appliances first. After a major flood, the evaluation becomes more complicated and requires the help of a home inspector. At that point 203k consultant is needed to evaluate the flood damage and determine the necessary repair services.


An FHA 203k loan is a government-backed option that lends money to buyers of homes. After a flood, many homeowners are not able to estimate the total repair costs they owe. Hiring an inspector is how low-income homeowners protect themselves from having to work with unscrupulous repair companies. An FHA home inspector is trained to evaluate property damages and come up with accurate repair costs.

Many home inspectors are trained to identify flood-specific problems such as; structural damages to walls, floors and ceilings. They may recommend mold testing, dehumidification and water restoration services. They may also recommend services to repair damages to underground pipes or septic systems.


Before the purchase of a home, a 203k consultant is hired to review the home and determine the repair needs. After a flood the same professional is needed to review the flood damages before the homeowner can secure funds for repairs. The consultant provides a written outline detailing each repair and its specifications.

The 203k consultants also work to help buyers with a wide range of home renovations. Residents living in flood zones can receive loans to elevate their home foundations without dipping into their savings accounts.

During the process of securing a 203k loan, low-income borrowers need protection in the form of consultants and inspectors. They need the professional assurance that they are buying a high-quality home at the right price. If a disaster strikes like a flood or hurricane they need the same assurance that they are paying for the right amounts for their repairs.

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