Home Inspection | Home inspections are an important part of the home buying process. Home Inspectors don’t just uncover problems, they can actually impact the selling price of a house. Understanding the relationship requires understanding a bit more about home inspections.

At their core, home inspections help to determine if properties have any potentially hidden problems. Remember, many homeowners don’t know everything that goes on with their home and they’ve learned to live with certain minor problems. FHA home inspectors document material defects which help buyers determine if the property on which they made an offer will actually be worth that price.

Home inspections impact property value in a few ways. The most obvious way that a home inspection impacts the property value is that home inspections can influence home sale prices. If an inspection turns up a number of problems, a common solution is for the seller to drop the asking price. This price drop, in turn, helps to drop the overall price of a property. At the same time a good inspection will help to keep property values high.

These inspections also impact value by keeping houses on the market longer. If an inspection brings up problems homeowners might have to go through a lengthy process with a 203k consultant to figure out if it’s even feasible to fix the problem. This process will then keep the house on the market which might lead the seller to drop the asking price again in order to get a quicker sale.

While a home inspector can’t set the price of a home, the inspector’s findings can have a huge impact on the price at which a home is sold. When houses sell for less due to inspections property values drop. As such, an inspector’s word is always a huge part of how property values will eventually be recorded.

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