Home Inspector

If you own or are considering the purchase of a fixer-upper, having an experienced home inspector on your team is essential. A home inspector gives you the chance to have detailed information about the structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and mechanical systems of a home. With the professional assistance of our inspection team, you will be able to make an informed decision of what to fix first, and which repairs and upgrades will deliver the greatest value to the home.

What the Inspector Will Look For
When inspecting a fixer-upper home, the inspector will look for major structural flaws. Problems such as a cracked foundation, a shifted wall or a leaking slab could be costly to repair, which could affect your decision on purchasing the home. The inspector will test the functioning and safety of the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. The inspector also looks at the roof, gutters, downspouts, chimney, ventilation equipment and interior walls.

Information the Inspector Provides to You
Throughout the inspection process, the home inspector will be taking notes and photos. This information will be used to create a written report about the condition of the fixer-upper home. The report will be separated into sections such as information about the home’s roof, foundation and mechanical systems. If any flaws are discovered, the photographic information will provide a visual explanation of what is written about the problem.

Acting on the Information from Your Inspection
Once you have information from the inspector in your hands, you will be able to take action. The impartial inspection results will detail recommended repairs that you can make in order to add value to your home. The report will also explain any critical safety issues that should be addressed. If there are any building code violations, the report will explain what needs to be done to correct the problem so that your home can be in compliance.

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