A home is one of the biggest investments that many people make during their lifetime. For this reason, homeowners need to ensure that their homes remain in good condition for a long time. One of the many tools homeowners can utilize to maintain their house is the home inspection. Here are five common FHA home inspection misconceptions that should help you appreciate home inspection.

#1- FHA Home inspection is required only when purchasing a home
The truth is that a FHA home inspection is also recommended for sellers. Getting a FHA home inspection and correcting the problems before putting the house on sale will boost customer confidence. Fewer negotiations will be required thus may result in a quicker sale.

#2- The FHA home inspector will find errors in every component of your property
The reason for a FHA home inspection is to assess the systems and structures within the homes. They include electric, plumbing and safety systems. The exercise may take up to three hours, during which all problems may not be realized. The FHA home inspection does not address cosmetic defects such as carpet stains and dings in the paint.

#3- FHA Home inspections are only for old homes
Inspecting homes is good for houses despite their age. Do not assume that all components inside a house are functional simply because it is new. New homes may have issues often because of first construction errors or neglected maintenance.

#4- FHA Home inspectors are deal breakers
FHA Home inspections do not end with a fail or pass that could mean a halt or a continuation of the sales deal. A qualified FHA home inspector will report the condition of the home. It is up to the buyer to decide whether to move on or not. Recommended repairs might be easy and cost efficient and will aid in the durability of the home in the long run.

#5- Sales will delay if the buyer asks for a home inspection
One may tend to trust that house inspections only slow the sales process. However, by hiring a certified FHA home inspector, you can be assured of a final report within 24 hours. Do not avoid the process simply because of this false belief.

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