Top Myths About Home Inspections Busted

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Let’s bust some of the common myths regarding FHA home inspections before you call a professional FHA home inspector. Use these helpful tips to guide you along the process.

1. FHA Home Inspectors Think Cracks In Concrete Mean It Has To Be Demolished

Demolishing a house is no joke, and not necessary until some grave issues with the structure occur. Cracks in the concrete occur due to excessive usage, shrinkage and overload which is only natural to happen. A FHA home inspector will be able to analyze these cracks and give a glimpse into the facts.

2. A New House Needs No Inspection

This is not true! Regardless of the age of the house, it has to be inspected by a professional FHA home inspector before the contract is made. It is recommended that you call a FHA home inspector for a new house, since there could be some errors on the builder’s end, which need to be examined before you invest a hefty amount in the house. Cutting corners is a common problem, which buyers could realize later. The material used may not be of good quality and the construction process may not have been “perfect” as expected. Also, many of the electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures have never been used. The FHA home inspector operates all of them to test them for operability before you move in.

3. The FHA Home Inspector Will Provide You With Value Of The House

It is not a FHA home inspector’s job to provide you with information about property value. What a FHA home inspector does is that he/she examines the property for all of its facilities and makes an analysis report about the repairs needed, condition of systems and components of the house.

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