Home Inspector

When you are buying your dream house, your entire focus is on getting a home that is perfect. No one wants to buy a place that brings forward several different home repairs right after you are done with the purchase. The only way to avoid that from happening is to opt for a professional home inspector.

While you choose an expert company like Beryl Project Engineering, it is also important to choose if you simply require a four-point inspection, or a full-home inspection. To help you decide, we have mentioned the benefits you will get by opting for either of them.

Four Point Inspection

As the name itself states, this inspection focuses on four different aspects of your home and is very limited. These include the Roof, Electrical Panel, Plumbing under the kitchen sink only, and HVAC. This  inspection is required to get insurance from  home insurance companies prior to allowing a loan for properties that are over 25 years or more. As this inspection is highly limited and for insurance purposes, it lacks the detail that prospective buyers need to decide if they want to buy the home or not.

Full-home Inspection

Unlike the four point inspection, this one caters to all aspects of your house to ensure there is absolutely no area left unchecked. Since this is a more detailed inspection, it tends to be more reliable as well. This is why it is normally recommended to get a full-home inspection before buying a certain house.

Who Should I Hire?

To ensure the best quality results, you must always hire an expert home inspector. Beryl Engineering and Inspection has an expert team of inspectors. The entire inspection team at Beryl is composed of Certified Master Inspectors who follow the InterNACHI standards of practice.

If you want to hire Beryl Project Engineering as your home inspector, just dial (813) 530-1959, and schedule an inspection.