203K Consultant

What Exactly Is a 203K Consultant?


In order to understand who a 203(k) consultant is and why you need them, you need to understand what 203(k) is itself.

The 203 (k) Loan

A 203(k) loan is one of the different types of loans granted by the Federal Housing Society. This is also why the loan is often referred to as an FHA 203(k). This loan allows you to combine the renovation costs on your new house with its mortgage. In other words, you only have to take one loan that caters to both your renovations and mortgage.

FHA 203(k) Consultancy 

When you go for a 203(k) loan, you are required to do renovations that basically add to the value of your home. Most of them are concerned with renovations regarding safety of the people living inside the house. This is where Beryl Project Engineering comes in.

What We Do?

Beryl Project Engineering acts as your 203(k) consultant. This means that we stand by your side from the time of inspection, to when the refurbishments required, are completed. This includes visiting the site for inspection, preparing feasibility reports, preparing packages and sending them to your lender etc.

The best thing about opting for us is that we have Certified Master Inspectors with years of experience in our team. These inspectors take into consideration even the minutest of the details that may affect the aesthetics, and more importantly, the safety around the house.

As your 203(k) Consultants, we also help you find a contractor so you don’t have to go through the trouble of doing that yourself. However, it is better to know the criteria set by your lender for a contractor. This will help you in choosing from our vetted contractors that also match your lender’s requirements.

Are you looking for a 203(k) consultant? Opt for Beryl Project Engineering. For more information, you can call us at (813) 358-0412.