Home Inspector Standards

InterNACHI Standards a Good Home Inspector Follows

When it comes to buying a home, one of the biggest worries lies in ascertaining its condition. You can always inspect some of the bigger, more obvious aspects of a house yourself. However, a more detailed inspection needs a good, experienced home inspector.

A professional inspector offers a more detailed and precise inspection of the house you are looking forward to buy. They will put forward different aspects of the house in front of you, and it will help you determine to make the purchase much easier. It may also give you some leverage to lower the cost of the house as well!

A good home inspector always follows a set of practices, particularly known as the InterNACHI standards of practice. The following are the areas that must be covered according to these standards:


The home inspector will start off by inspecting the structure of the roof from the ground level. They must examine the vents and the chimneys from the ground. Furthermore, they must also check the roof’s structure carefully, especially near the staircases and doors.


They are required to inspect places like walkways, ramps, exterior doors, railings, and windows in addition to several other parts of the house. The inspection also includes checking the foundation of the home and the crawlspace.

Heating and Cooling Systems

The home inspector is also required to check the heating and cooling systems around the house, making sure they work properly.

Other Important Areas

A home inspector following the InterNACHI standards also goes through several other areas during inspection including the plumbing and electrical systems, and even the fireplace. If necessary, they will also inspect the attic during the inspection.

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