FHA Home Inspector

FHA Home Inspector | Tampa | When you are buying your first home, an FHA loan makes it more affordable to do so. In order to secure an FHA-backed mortgage, the house must meet certain standards. Not all home inspectors are familiar with the requirements that the FHA has put into place, this is where we come in. Our FHA home inspector is familiar with all of the nuances required by the FHA and can help to facilitate the inspection process.

About an FHA Home Inspection

During our FHA home inspection services, we look at the entire structure of a home that you are considering to buy. Our FHA home inspector evaluates the physical condition of the home, starting at its foundation. The inspector checks the interior and exterior areas of the foundation for any cracks, bowed walls or other problems suggestive of foundation failure. The walls, flooring and ceilings are inspected from the inside of the house. The home inspector also checks the roof, gutters, downspouts and protrusions such as chimneys and flues. The home’s mechanical systems, electrical system and plumbing are also inspected. Our inspector also checks the insulation, ventilation and interior of the house.
Qualifications of Our FHA Home Inspector

Our home inspectors are familiar with construction, building and safety issues for residential structures. They are experienced with what the FHA requires for a home loan, such as the presence of railings by stairs and the detailing of all physical defects, no matter how small they are. Our inspectors are thorough and do not leave any stone unturned during a home inspection. If a home is being sold on an as-is status, the FHA inspection can yield critical information that impacts your decision on whether or not you purchase the house.

Every home buyer has the right to an inspection. The inspection process helps you to learn essential information about the home’s condition. By having a house inspected by our FHA inspectors, you can make an informed decision about whether to buy the house.