Home Inspector

Home Inspector | A home inspection can supply you with the tools necessary to make educated buying decisions. Inspections may confirm the seller’s claims, arm you with bargaining chips toward lower prices, or deter you away from making the purchase at all. In the end, an inspection’s “upfront cost” are often offset by the potential savings, and “peace of mind” in your purchase.
What exactly determines whether or not a home inspection is worth your while? The level of trust and talent, in your chosen residential inspector, makes all the difference. Here are five things to keep an eye out for:

Kitchen Sink – Inspectors who are in a hurry, often quickly check the sink for flow-rate, water discoloration, and leaks in piping. However, the temperature range and slow leak presence, are other areas of concern that may be missed by a careless inspection.
Electrical Outlets – With so many outlets in a home, overlooking a few is possible with a rushed inspection. Make sure your inspector is checking the functionality (and safety) of each outlet in a home.
Attic – Attic inspection is generally focused on determining whether or not insect nesting, or mold, is present in the home. They also should check for broken trusses and rafters that could cause collapse of the roof. The load-bearing capacity of the attic floor is equally as important and often overlooked. Know your attic’s limits, as all of the stuff you’ll be storing will be resting right above your head!
Roof – Ideally, a roof examination should be done from the roof itself, to give an up close view of any potential problems. While inspections from the ground (using binoculars) may be adequate in some situations, this runs you the risk of overlooking crucial areas. When in doubt, ask that your inspector climb it out!

Keep in mind, an average home inspection should take between two to four hours, depending on the home size. If your inspector is under the pressure to finish quickly, he may not be giving you as complete of a report as he should.
Your home inspection company should provide its inspectors with the proper tools, training, and time, that is necessary to provide you with an excellent home inspection. If you’re looking for professional, timely and thorough inspections, Beryl Project Engineering is right choice for you!