203K Consultant

203K Consultant | People spend most of their time at home. We relax at home after work. We also get to interact with our family members and friends at home. Moreover, it is home where we can comfortably leave our belongings without fear of losing them. Consequently, homes play a significant role in our lives and need them to be well built and maintained. They should possess all facilities that will nullify the need for households to outsource.

As a measure to ensure that your home is well maintained, it is important to contract a 203k consultant. The consultant plays the following roles, as far as your home maintenance is concerned. First, the consultant conducts the initial site visit. During the visit, a thorough examination of your property is done. The analysis assesses whether your property meets the requirements for the 203k loan. If requirements are met, a formal agreement is signed.

The 203k consultant then prepares a detailed write-up about the project specifications. The write-up is based on the initial visit as well as the buyer’s preferences. The consultant will then submit the complete write-up to the borrower, contractor, and the lender.

The 203k consultant also assists in the selection of the contractors. The contractor has a list of pre-assessed contractors who they feel can do the work satisfactorily. You will, in consequent, have no problem choosing one, neither will you risk selecting a contractor only to end up frustrated.

The consultant then plans for the loan closing. After all things are set, contractor selected and other conditions satisfied, the consultant chooses a favorable for all parties involved for loan closing.

Finally, the consultant draws request inspections. The draws are made following inspection visits on the site to ensure that the contractor performs are expected. It also ensures that there are no halfway done tasks or any poorly done work.

Getting the services of a 203k consultant goes a long way to ensuring quality work is done with as little risks as possible. The consultant takes charge of the whole process.