Home Inspector

Home Inspector | Are you planning to buy a new home? Are you looking forward to adding a new construction to your home? Worried about the validity of your home warranty or its structural strength? Well, you need to hire a certified and licensed home inspector. Beryl Home Inspection company will ensure that your family is fully protected.

Why hire a home inspector?
Home inspectors are extremely valuable when it comes to health and safety assessment of your home. They are trained for this and are ready to give you the negative and positive conditions of the property.

Qualified home inspectors such, as Beryl Project Engineering, will ensure that structural elements such as the walls, windows, roof, attic and doors are covered during the inspection. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC are also included in the service.

What makes Beryl Home Inspection Ideal for any home?
Unlike most home inspection companies, Beryl Project Engineering comes with the following qualifications:
· Over 15 years of experience in the construction industry.
· Certified Master Inspector
· Delivers easy-to-read computerized inspection reports with photos within 24 to 36 hours after inspection.
· Insured and licensed.
· A flexible schedule.
· Meets all the standards set by InterNACHI.
· Multiple home inspectors and engineers on staff.

What types of home inspections does this company offer?

Periodic New Construction Inspections
Here, the inspection will verify that any new construction project is in compliant with the design plan, local building codes, and the local Building Department. During this process, Beryl Engineering will coordinate with the project superintendent and builder to ensure that the final building is flawless.

Structural Evaluations
This inspection will provide the structural description of the property, such as the ceiling, floor, foundation and roof construction. Any defects will be listed together with their causes.

Home Warranty inspection
A home warranty is a one-year service agreement whose primary purpose is to cover repair or replacement of any major home system appliances and components. Hiring Beryl’s home inspector will ensure that your home’s mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are accurately inspected even at the warranty’s eleventh month.

Beryl Home Inspection offers other incredible services such as; 203k Consulting, FHA inspections, Eye Witness services, 4-Point Home inspections, Thermal Imaging and Wind Mitigation Inspections. The company offers the best prices for their services and protects you from paying huge fines or damages.