Home Inspector

Why you Need a Home Inspector After Building Your Home | After building your house you need to complete some inspections before you move in. Whether this is your first or fifth time you are moving into a new house, a home inspection is always recommended. In the bid to reduce expenses, you might be tempted to move into your new home without having it inspected. One thing you should not do is to forego a home inspection. Your eyes cannot see everything, but the trained eyes of your home inspector will check the electrical wiring, plumbing, and damages to protect you and your loved ones from potential danger.

How your inspector will help you

Building envelope examination: This involves the separation of the exterior and interior parts of the house during analysis. One destructive issue inspected is water damage. Your home inspector will use nondestructive methods by delineating and quantifying areas around the walls or roofing without damaging the structure of the house. The results will help you know whether it is safe or not to move in and the amount that you may require to conduct repairs and to maintain the house.

Structural evaluation: After building your home, you will need some assurance that the house is worth a certain amount of money. Your inspector will assess the whole house and determine the value of the house according to the size and condition of the structure. Your home inspector will compile the following information;

• Submit a detailed structural description of the house.
• Give his opinion on the state of the accessible structural systems and other components in the house.
• State the defects observed and causes.
• Calculate the total amount you will incur in the repair of any damages.

Property warranty inspections: In case you have already moved into your new home, and you had bought a one-year warranty, then you need to call a professional house inspector before your warranty expires. Your inspector will examine the mechanical, structural, plumbing and electrical systems and determine their state. If you wait for the warranty to expire, then any problems you may experience later will be at your cost.

Building a home is not an easy venture especially due to the many subcontractors and different people working on different systems. With all these activities happening, your builder may miss some phases during construction. Even the best builders are human and will most likely miss something.