203K Consultant

Don’t be Scared of 203k Rehab Loans, Consult Beryl Engineering and Inspection! In today’s real estate market, homes at the lower end of the price range are hot commodities. Often, the only way to have that perfect home be within reach is to choose a fixer-upper. But how do you rehab such a home so that it works for your family? Many people opt to do a 203k rehab loan, but the paperwork and hoops can be daunting. That’s why you need Beryl Project Engineering as your 203k consultant.

Before you even close on your loan, Beryl can come to the site and do a walk-through with you. We’ll talk through your plans and dreams, let you know what is feasible and what may work better for your space, and work with you to come up with a plan. We will then do a detailed quote and cost analysis, outlining the scope of the work and preparing all of the necessary packages for both you and your lender. We know how to properly put together the packages to keep your lender on your side and get you to closing as quickly as possible.

Once you own your home, Beryl Engineering will work alongside you to give you the home of your dreams. For each stage where money needs to be drawn from escrow, we will walk through the necessary inspection process and ensure that the project remains on target and scope. We are experts in the various forms required by lenders and the escrow companies, and work with you to make sure your 203k rehab goes smoothly.

There is no need to be scared to use a 203k loan to purchase your next home. You really can have your dream home and have remodeling costs included in your mortgage without being overwhelmed with stress and paperwork. Hiring Beryl Engineering and Inspection as your 203k consultant will allow you to protect what matters most, your family.