203k Consultant

203k Consulting – About Us | When a project is planned, there are many different things to be considered. These things will include things such as a request for proposal bids, checking architect and contractor qualifications, keeping track of funding, monitoring capital expenditures, checking out vendors and other requirements regarding a properly run project.

Unfortunately, when people are not experienced in this field they are open to losing money as well as having a shoddy project. Sometimes this bad experience is because a contractor, or vendor, is not able to meet the signed agreement, cuts corners in materials, fails to follow specifications or has unacceptable job performance skills.

As your consultant, we will check contractor and vendor backgrounds and determine their ability to meet your budget and schedule. You will be presented with a detailed report, which will enable you to make a qualified decision regarding who you wish to hire.

At Beryl Project Engineering, as a 203k Consulting Firm, we are prepared to assist in helping you with your project from start to finish. We start out by preparing a Feasibility Study. This study includes a report that is easy to read and understand with no technical language. It lays out a concise and carefully prepared physical analysis of your property and is an excellent budgetary planning tool.
As your project progresses we will furnish you with reports that show the expenditures to date, if contractor agreements are on track and provide an estimate of the project completion date. This enables you to have a project completed that is within budget and that will meet your expectations.

As a 203k Consulting Firm, we take all the guesswork out of your project. To fit this category, we must be a HUD certified professional who meets all FHA consultant standards. Thus, you are assured that you are getting assistance with your project from highly qualified experts who work with you from beginning to finish on your project.