Engineering Affidavit

Engineering Affidavit In Tampa | An engineering affidavit is required of most construction projects. Any projects totaling a minimum square footage of 35,000 square feet or more requires that an affidavit be submitted. The authorized party submitting the affidavit must be involved directly in the project and their involvement must be completely ethical.

What is an engineering affidavit?

The affidavit is a legally sworn statement that guarantees that the entity applying for the engineering permit did not use any unethical practices throughout the contracting process. The document also guarantees that no payments above the compensation normally provided for such services will be paid to any party for any reason. The party is also certifying that they own no substantial financial interest in any party involved in the public project. The person certifies that they are following the statutory provisions and understand that the most competitive bid submitted by the most competent entity will be selected.

Understanding form requirements

This form is to be submitted with all of the other bidding materials when responding to an RFQ. The party responsible may have to have the document notarized. Only authorized parties can provide a signature to the submitted documentation. The party who completes the affidavit must be residents of the state. Additionally, the person must be a resident of the state. The principal place of business for the applying party should be within the state. The person signing is also the person that is overseeing or completing the engineering for the property.

Scenarios for which an affidavit may be submitted

A building permit should be submitted when applying for a Certificate of Occupancy. When there are plans being submitted for a building or construction project, the affidavit may be submitted. Inspection reports requested may require an affidavit as well. A construction affidavit may be required when planning a building project. Once a project is completed, an affidavit may be submitted.

The project must be submitted by the authorized party. The applicant is certifying that their involvement was completely ethical. The affidavit process is a larger part of the construction control project. Consultation, evaluation, planning, investigation, certification and engineering system projects may require some form of an affidavit.