203K Consultant

203k Consultant | Tampa | Deciding on a home can be as frustrating as it is exciting. In addition to choosing the perfect kitchen tile and carpet color, you’ll need to consider how things like roofing and wiring have been affected over the life span of the house. If the property requires extensive repairs, it may decrease the overall value, drive up expenses, and impact the monthly utilities. Hiring a 203K consultant is an effective way to determine how estimated repairs affect the value of the home and whether the asking price is reasonable. By inspecting for potential hazards, like structural damage and faulty plumbing, a certified professional can provide a detailed snapshot of what your prospective habitat will look like five or ten years down the road.

Many issues, such as damaged floors and paint can raise immediate concerns, and for good reason. However, a 203k consultant, who is HUD approved, will also be trained to find clues lurking beyond the visual scope of typical home buyers. Before finalizing your loan and dragging your luggage up the steps of you new dream home, you should have a professional check the house out. Doing this professional check is not be a bad idea. On top of the inspection, you will have the option to purchase a home warranty, which covers any defects that surface within your first year. Repairs performed on the house are overseen by the consultant, who ensures contractors are paid using funds placed in an escrow account.

Purchasing a fixer-upper can become a nightmare without the help of an experienced professional, but it can transform into a valuable investment if adequate steps are made to ensure your home is protected. Companies, like Beryl Engineering and Inspection have access to professional grade equipment for thermal imaging. This equipment enables consultants to scan the house for dangerous issues, such as inadequate insulation and leaks. Over time, you may discover the hours spent searching for a reputable 203k consultant has furnished countless nights of uninterrupted sleep.