FHA Home Inspector

FHA Home Inspector/Our Importance | For many people, a home is the largest investment they will make. For that reason, they consider the property’s future value. Construction material, built-in appliances and location are factors that determine the home’s future value.

Advantages of the FHA Home Inspector

The well-trained FHA inspector evaluates your new home and documents the work.

New Construction Inspections
New construction is inspected as it is built.

• Foundation Inspections
The foundation is inspected before any structure obscures it.

• Framing Inspections before covering
The structure is seen and tested before covering hides any flaws.

• Final Punch List
This document lists the various items that do not conform to the contract’s specification. Each item must meet specifications before the final payments are made.

FHA Home Inspector for Older Homes

Although much of the work is hidden in an older home, the FHA home inspector can evaluate the structure and document his opinions.

• Provides structural description of the property.
• The description includes the foundation, walls roof and floors
• Renders an opinion of the structural sys and components of the property.
• Uses a report form to evaluate structure and components.
• Describes defects and causes.
• Provides outline of solutions and approximate costs to correct the problems.

Homeowners in the Tampa Bay area can request these and other services at Beryl Product Engineering. Protecting your home investment is worth the cost of the FHA home inspector.