Engineering Affidavit | Importance

The Importance of the Engineering Affidavit
Whether you are a home buyer or a buyer of a commercial or industrial building, there is one document your engineering design and consulting firm should provide: an engineering affidavit. The importance of the engineering affidavit cannot be understated. This document represents the mutual agreement of surety and safety between all of the parties who provided engineering design, consulting and construction services on new and existing structures. An affidavit is presented by the engineering and construction firm upon completion of work and before a certificate of occupancy is issued. It is important to note that the basis of the affidavit is to certify all work has been performed according to plan, design, construction and/or installation.

How to Choose a Project Engineering Professional
Engineering is a field that has a serious obligation to ensure all work meets safety and compliance regulations. In the Tampa, Florida area, Beryl Project Engineering established a reputation for reliability and safety for customers’ projects from start-up to completion. The affidavit Beryl Project Engineering provides signifies that designs and services have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). Customers should know all engineers are not P.E.s. Only engineers who pass a lengthy, comprehensive engineering exam qualify as P.E.s. For customers, this is an assurance of safe premises and/or safe installation, after the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.

Beryl Project Engineering – An Industry Leader
One way to identify a reliable, experienced project engineering firm is by reviewing their previous projects and customers. Another way to identify the best project engineering firm is by their willingness to provide customer assurances of excellence. When a written proposal is developed for project engineering, it may include items like scope of work, warranties, performance guarantees and provisions for documents like the affidavit for engineering and certificate of occupancy. Beryl Project Engineering maintains professional status by providing certified affidavits and by their belief: “Protect What Matters Most, Your Family”.