203k Consultant: What We Do

At Beryl Engineering and Inspection, our job is to provide you with the most comprehensive home inspection, 203k and engineering management service in the area. Our 203k consultant and inspection needs are the most prolific in Tampa. We work to ensure that our clients are guaranteed a successful loan transaction by meeting with you and going over your plans in a timely and concise manner. We work with our clients from start to finish to insure a successful purchase and remodel are completed to only the highest standards. Before you understand what it is we provide for a 203k consultation, it helps to understand what 203k means.

A 203k is a type of loan taken out by a borrower from a lender that allows you to purchase a new home and renovate it at the same time so that it’s all rolled into one affordable loan. The process sounds far more complicated than it is. We strive to provide you with the most comprehensive inspection and evaluation imaginable so that neither your time, nor the time of your lender is wasted. Once you choose a lender for your 203k loan, call us. We then schedule a time to meet you at the property so we can inspect it, go over your plans and provide both you and your lender with the information needed to ensure you are able to complete this process in a timely fashion.

We also have a list of contractors that are approved for 203k renovations. We are happy to provide recommendations to any client looking for one. Please note, however, that your lender might require you use one of their own pre-approved contractors to complete your renovation. First we examine the home and the work you want to do Then we complete our feasibility report and provide it quickly to you and your lender. The Contractor receives a version without pricing as well. We work with you from start to finish to insure your home is completed as specified and that it meets every standard of quality meant for a home in which you will live and call your own.