FHA Home Inspector – Why You Need an Inspection

The process of getting an FHA loan is often confusing. While it is a great opportunity for many individuals and families to become homeowners at relatively low cost, it is also a long process with many complicated steps and rules. For that reason, it is important to work with professionals, such as the FHA Home Inspector from Beryl Project Engineering, who know the FHA program thoroughly and keep up with the changes in its standards.

We here at Beryl have seen over the years the importance of a rigorous home inspection for anyone participating in the FHA loan process. The FHA has very high standards for the homes it will lend on. Trying to proceed with a purchase without an inspection runs the risk of problems turning up later and derailing the process. Even if the purchase goes through, the results could be worse.

By getting an FHA home inspection from Beryl you avoid this risk. The inspection report will provide information on the condition of the entire home including the major systems (electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling), the structural components, exterior, insulation, roofing, and more. We can help you tell the difference between what is in good shape, what is imperfect but easy to fix or live with, and what actually poses a problem for the FHA’s minimum property standards.

Remember, an appraisal is not an inspection. The FHA will not take any steps to determine the suitability of the home you want to purchase and often the current homeowner does not have to either. It is up to you to ensure that the home you want is a home you can live with.

Beryl Project Engineering FHA Home Inspector serves the cities of Lutz, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Plant City, and all other regions in the Tampa area. You can either contact them directly by telephone at (813) 616-3301, or online at their website athttp://berylprojectengineering.