203K Consultant

The number of Details in purchasing a newly built home can be a massive headache, and at the same time, can put a strain on your finances.   For this reason, many home seekers prefer to buy an older home which they can renovate themselves, giving them the functionality and vision they are looking for.    Typically, when the remodeling stage is about to begin, the stress and anxiety of the project can start to develop.

203k consulting services specializes in assisting home buyers during the renovation and remodeling stages.   For homeowners who are looking to increase living standards and market value, 203k provides solutions as well. These renovations modernize your home making them more appealing during the buying and selling process. (Factually incorrect statement, Home Inspections have nothing to do with appraisals).

Offering a small mortgage at an affordable rate makes your 203k consultant your best partner.

Mortgage amounts can depend on a number of factors, including budget projection, scope of work, and the market prices for materials in the area.

For the best results, a homebuyer should look for the most qualified 203k consultant in their area.  Homeowners and buyers are encouraged to shop around for consultants to find one who meets their needs, as consultants can have a diverse range of qualifications and service specialties. (Factually incorrect statement. 203k Consultants have nothing to do with interest rates.)

(Completely factually incorrect. Streamline 203ks are for non-structural property changes. Wind Mitigations are never required inspections, just giving discounts to home owners.)

There are two different styles of the 203k loan. The Streamline 203ks are best suited for smaller projects under $35,000 and do not involve any structural repairs. The non-streamline 203ks are best suited for complete remodels, room additions, or more expensive projects.


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