The Home Inspection firm, Beryl Project Engineering was nominated as a South Tampa Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the year a couple of months ago. We were honored back in the day to be asked to submit an application. Now that the first round is complete, we received notice that this Home Inspection firm has made it to the semi-finals and will be interviewed on December 8, 2015, right here in Ybor City.

Beryl is going to be rated in ten different categories to see if they are able to squeeze through to the finals. These categories include:

  • Corporate History
  • Company Philosophy
  • Management Team
  • Triumph over Challanges
  • Triumph over Competition
  • Retention Plan
  • Short-Term and Long Term Goals
  • Innovations
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Community Involvement

The criteria the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce will use to rate these ten categories will include:

  1. Staying Power – A substantiated history as an established business in the Tampa Bay Area
  2. Continued Growth – Sales, Volume, Employees, and Sustainability
  3. Commitment to good business practices and community involvement
  4. Innovation in Business Techniques, Economic Development, and Community Leadership

Earlier this year, Leo Cannyn spoke to the Real Estate Sub-Committee about Deal Killers: How to See Major Defects Before Contracting a Home. That presentation went over some “deal killers,” that real estate agents should be aware of before having their clients spend money on home inspections, appraisals, and other one-time up-front fees. The presentation was well received by the committee, and might have had a hand in Beryl being asked to the next level of this competition.

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