Playing the handyman around the house can be quite rewarding. Not only does it make us feel useful, but it can also save us a lot of money and headaches. Taking it upon yourself to fix something at home eliminates the need for looking for and hiring reliable professionals. Some home improvement projects are easy enough, however, there are certain repairs that you should leave to those with the appropriate skills. These are the 10 home improvements that you should not DIY if you don’t want to run the risk of causing harm to yourself or your property, that is.

Home improvement: 10 times you shouldn’t DIY


For many people, even thinking about issues with plumbing will make their hairs stand on end. From simple problems like a dripping faucet to larger ones like major leaks, the ability of water to find its way through any crevice is the cause of many headaches. Some plumbing work is fine to DIY, but you should definitely avoid taking on larger projects yourself. Replacing a faucet, for example, is an easy task. Anyone with the simplest tools and a little bit of interest in the issue could do it. However, any major plumbing work will require the help of professional plumbers. They will have the right tools and skillset to guarantee that anything you need to be done is safe and made to last.

Tinkering with electricity

This is one of the home improvements that you should not DIY as it can actually be life-threatening. You don’t only risk electrocution if you decide to tinker with the electrical wiring without appropriate skills and knowledge. You also risk overloading power, short-circuiting, exploding outlets, and even fires. If you find that your project is fairly simple and up your alley, make sure you are being as safe as possible while you fix whatever needs fixing. Turning off the master switch would be step one. It should be followed by other precautions, depending on what it is that you are doing. If at any point you feel like you are out of your depth, abandon the project, and find help.

Floor renovations

Whether it is retiling or repolishing your hardwood floors, both ways of messing with your floors are among the 10 home renovation projects you should never DIY. Firstly, repolishing hardwood floors require special tools, and spending money on a sanding machine can’t really be considered an investment. Even if you have access to the tools and have done your research, hardwood floors are so easy to ruin with sanding and so difficult and pricey to replace. Being inexperienced is bound to make your floors patchy and uneven, no matter how careful you are.

When it comes to tiling, the story is similar. This kind of work does not only involve simply laying the tile squares at the right angle. You will also have to apply grout, perhaps cut tiles so they fit and, in most cases, waterproof the area first. Done wrong and tiling your bathroom will require extensive work and a lot of money. Your best bet is not to risk it and get a professional involved right away.

Structural work

New owners of older properties often rush into knocking down walls in order to have the floor plan they always wanted. Doing so without at least appropriate consultations can endanger the integrity of your entire home. Knocking down loadbearing walls is definitely among the home improvements that you should not DIY. Before deciding what walls to tear down, at least hire professionals to conduct a structural inspection.

Installing or repairing gas appliances

The main reason why tinkering with gas yourself is not advisable is the risk of leaks. Whatever the appliance, leaks are difficult to detect and are a real health hazard. Not only that, but they can cause explosions in your home as well.

Fixing HVAC systems

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. While you can replace the filters yourself every few years, doing anything more on your own would definitely be a no-no. Causing further damage would be the least of your worries, as you can get carbon monoxide poisoning or run the risk of freon leaks.

Replacing insulation

This is another one of the home improvement projects that new owners of older homes often attempt. It can be particularly risky if your home dates back to before the 1980s. In this case, the insulation could contain asbestos. The US banned the use of asbestos as late as 1989. Not only could you pose a risk for the environment, but you would also be in danger of long-term illness. If you realize that this is what you are dealing with, put off moving in while you get professionals out on site. If you use a professional moving company like Big Man’s Moving Company Florida, you could easily modify your moving dates while you wait it out.

Removing lead paint

Same as with asbestos, homes built before the 1980s could possibly have lead-based paint. A home inspection prior to the purchase should be able to determine whether this is the case or not. Exposing yourself to it could cause a myriad of health problems, from muscle pain to nausea. Your best bet would be to hire professionals to get rid of it safely. Once they finish, you can try your hand at painting – one of those home improvement projects that you can easily do on your own.


The final project on our list of 10 home improvements that you should not DIY is roofing. If a roof inspection has determined that your roof needs work, you should definitely hire professionals. While roofing itself might not be too complex a task, the fact that it takes you high off the ground makes it very dangerous. Instead of exposing yourself to the risk of falling and gravely injuring yourself, hire help to keep your peace of mind.


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