If it happens that you need a roof consultant or contractor, you want to choose the one that will ensure the job is done quickly and correctly. After all, roof maintenance work and roof upgrades such as solar paneling can be costly, disruptive, and noisy. In fact, you probably want to go through the process only once. That is why it makes sense to read through the most important questions to ask a roof consultant.

Whether you are moving into a new home or doing repair work after years of neglect, it is helpful to have a comprehensive home inspection that will include the roof. The roof consultant’s opinion will allow you to have an objective, unbiased overview of the condition of your roof. Since roofs and roof structures tend to be overlooked, you want to have a clear insight into potential weak points. But before we dive into the specific questions…

Make sure you do a round of pre-screening

Before you start ‘interrogating’ the roof specialists, it is best to shortlist the companies offering roof consulting. Merely searching on the web is like playing a game of Russian Roulette – you can’t know what you are going to get. In that sense, cut down the options by figuring out what you need.

You might be inclined to hire a roofing consultant who will give advice on something specific like wind mitigation or draft a solar paneling project. You should also take into account more than just the pricing. So, consider years of warranty length, materials used, and certifications to make up a list of potential roof experts. Then go ahead and ask the following questions.

What is the full legal name of your business?

The first of the questions to ask a roof consultant is whether the business operates according to prescribed industry codes and standards. Although an established, trustworthy company may charge more, it is better to upgrade your roof properly. This is because fixing a poorly installed roof can be extremely costly and challenging to execute.

Furthermore, many companies you stumble upon online might not have the expertise they claim they have. That is why you need to find out the full legal name of the roof consultant before you proceed to hire them. You can then research their legitimacy and background.

What kind of insurance do you have?

Also, note that the roofing consultant should not hesitate to share a copy of the state licenses and proof of insurance. Keep in mind that acquiring roofing insurance is not as straightforward as it may seem since many states have different requirements for different kinds of roofing contractors and services. In light of this, you need to determine what level of insurance is accepted in your area.

Go to an official state website and read up on roofing insurance requirements for your state. After you find out what the minimum amount is, you can go ahead and ask the roof consultant to provide you with their insurance liability policy.

Do not underestimate the importance of researching if the company is certified and the level of insurance they offer. This applies not only to roofing services but also moving services if you happen to be moving into a new home. Moving companies such as New Leaf Moving Group can provide all documents or certificates proving they do business professionally and transparently.

Who will be involved in the roof installation?

Yet, it is not just enough to see the papers and settle for that a roofing consultant solely based on that. In that sense, you should find out more about the installation procedure. Or In other words, make sure you inquire about who will be on-site when the roof installation takes place.

Unless company policy requires the company’s owner or manager to be present, larger roofing companies will send a “project manager” to ensure that the installation or upgrade to the roof follows both standard guidelines and local laws.

To be precise, you should hire a roofing company that will make sure the workers operate under the supervision of a roof consultant. So, not only does the roof consultant evaluate the roof and execute the roofing project, but they are also there to ensure that the execution of the installation goes smoothly.

What is your pricing per square foot?

After the roof consultant divulges all you need to know on the legalities of the installation, the time has come to discuss the pricing. Note down their response and compare it to their offer after the estimation of the roof. By comparing the offers made by a couple of contractors, you will be able to make your decision.

Some companies have seemingly outstanding offers and discounts but do the job unethically or improperly. For instance, the deals might come with undisclosed conditions or hidden fees that drive up the final pricing. In that sense, ask directly for an exact estimation to avoid being overcharged.

Furthermore, the company must make a clear componential report on what goes into the pricing. It is not enough to know just the final sum as it does not actually tell you anything. Insist on getting an estimation that will cover the pricing of the materials used, number of square meters, the age and pitch of the roof, layers, isolation, conditions of the shingles.

These questions to ask a roof consultant should give you a clearer idea of how the company does business. Any hesitation or inconsistency in their responses is a red flag that you should consider before hiring. Just commit to doing a little bit of research, and everything should be fine!

Author Bio

Matt Glusman is a certified roof expert offering consultations, evaluations, and advice on roofing techniques. His areas of expertise are sustainable construction and solar paneling. Doing business ethically and consistently has been of utmost importance, if not the very foundation of his 22-year-long career as a roof consultant. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and indulging in Italian cuisine.