A home inspector in Tampa will examine a home’s exterior components as part of the overall home inspection routine. The exterior of any home must withstand considerable abuse from the elements. This wear and tear can cause problems that may allow other issues to occur. Here are some common exterior concerns spotted by a home inspector in Tampa. 

Roofing Problems 

Your home inspector in Tampa will pay particular attention to the roof of your home. It is one of the most vital components and provides significant protection for the entire structure. Obvious signs of wear or damage will surely be noted on the inspection report and will be suggested for repair or replacement. This can include missing shingles, broken or missing flashing around chimneys, or worn roof trim. 

Drainage Problems 

A home should be built with a surrounding 3% grade for adequate drainage (every 10 feet of distance the ground should drop 3 feet). Poor grading will allow water to run back toward and build up around the home. This can cause serious damage to the foundation. A home inspector in Tampa will be able to spot obvious signs of poor drainage around the exterior of the home. 

Some of those indicators can be broken, clogged, or missing gutters and downspouts. Signs of water drainage down the sides of the home are almost sure signs that there are also water intrusion problems. This can be serious hidden damage from the attic to the basement or crawlspace. 

Foundation Problems 

Foundation problems can be evident both inside and outside the home. Doors and windows that do not open and close properly, gaps in windows and doors, leaning walls, sloping floors, and stress cracks can all indicate serious foundation problems. Your Beryl Project Engineering Home Inspector may recommend an inspection from one of our structural engineers to determine the extent of these problems. 

Problems with Windows and Doors 

Exterior issues with windows and doors typically include signs of rotting trim or wooden framing, water intrusion, damaged or missing caulking, and even fogged glass panes. Your home inspector in Tampa will also check your basement, cellar, and garage doors for problems. 

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