Home Inspector Tampa | What To Do If A Home Inspection Discovers Problems

Home Inspector Tampa | A home inspection is done by a third-party company to give an unbiased look at the structure and systems of a house. A home inspection can be initiated by either a home buyer or seller. Home buyers and sellers each have their reasons to request an inspection and find out more about the home. A quality home inspection should examine such things as the heating/cooling system, the foundation, the basement, the floors, the windows and the roof. During the inspection process certain issues with the home can be discovered. Below are some suggestions for a home buyer and seller if problems are found during a home inspection.


Home Buyer

If you are a home buyer and just received news that the home inspection found issues, there are certain steps you can take. Assuming the home inspection was performed before you signed any type of contract, you can request that the seller fix the problem areas before the closing of the deal. If the seller does not want to do this then you can suggest that the seller lower the asking price of the home. This will allow you to buy the home at a lower price and pay for the repairs yourself. The seller will normally be more willing to cater to your wants so that they can sell the house.


Home Seller

If you are selling your home, you will want to initiate a home inspection prior to listing your home for sale. If problems or other opportunities are found by the home inspection company, you have time to make the proper repairs. This will give you more time to locate a good priced contractor and not need to be in as big of a hurry for the repairs. After the repairs are made you can then price your house accordingly. You may be able to ask for more money because of the repairs/remodel.


If you are a home buyer or home seller you should contact Beryl Engineering & Inspection for all your home inspection needs. Beryl’s team of professionals will make sure that you get an accurate report of the home. This will allow you to make the most informed decisions possible.