Home inspections are one of the most important steps to purchasing a home. These reports are assessments of the overall quality and condition of a home and can be instrumental in negotiating the terms of a sale contract or price of the home.

Home inspections are almost always the responsibility of the buyer and are optional. However, home owners can discover some very important and sometimes dangerous aspects of the home they are going to be purchasing that may not have been disclosed or known about by the seller. Some of the problems that pop up during a home inspection are minor, but others are costly and should have you second guessing your potential purchase unless you are looking for a fix-it-upper.

  1. Foundation Problems- If a home inspection indicates issues with the foundation you should definitely think about your purchase. An inspector can often let you know how much the problems they cite will cost to fix and with a foundation project, the costs are usually pretty high and can cause significant safety concerns if not addressed.
  2. Mold- Bathrooms that aren’t well ventilated usually have some mold and mildew and this is gross, but no big deal. Black mold is another type of mold that is usually found in basements and crawl spaces in older homes that retain a lot of moisture. Black mold is toxic and can cause severe respiratory infections and illness. Black mold always indicates much larger issues such as cracks in the foundation or issues with the plumbing system.
  3. Roof Problems- Bad roofs equate to leaking water into the home, poor drainage off and away from the home, and potential for water build up in the attic and ceilings. Roofs that are missing shingles or have curling shingles and water stains on ceilings are an indicator of a new roof being needed. Replacing a roof can cost many thousands of dollars.

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