Home Inspection | Buying a home can be exciting. You might have spent months looking at various properties, working with lenders, and negotiating back and forth. Before you close you should always have a home inspection. These inspections are the best way for you to verify that you aren’t paying good money for a bad property. Home Inspections can be a bit mysterious to first time buyers. Fortunately, there are a few things you can expect from a home inspector.

Typically speaking, you will pay for an FHA home inspector to come view your potential property after your offer has been accepted. He or she will generally meet you at the property, but will do the inspection on his or her own. These inspections can take up to several hours. The FHA home inspection will involve a great deal of inspection of the physical properties of the home. The inspector will look at electrical systems and plumbingto determine if you need a specialist to make repairs.

If you are planning on rehabbing the home you will also be working with a 203k consultant during and after this process. Once the inspector gives you the information about the home, you’ll work with 203k consultants to figure out if you can feasibly improve the home within your FHA 203k loan.

The FHA home inspector’s word is very important because a poor inspection can stop you from getting an FHA loan. Just as importantly, the FHA home inspection can bring to light problems with the property that might be hidden. If you want to make sure you aren’t going to throw away your money on a property make sure that you get it inspected. The cost of inspection is incredibly low when compared to the cost of repair for the damage an inspector might find. Whether you are looking to buy a home as-is or improve that home, an inspection will only help you.

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